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Getting booked on podcasts will get you access to new, highly engaged audiences.

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About Podcast Bookers

Podcast Bookers is a service that helps business people like you get booked on podcasts as an expert guest, on shows that are relevant to your professional niche.  Our goal is to prepare you for a custom podcast tour that will help you get exposure to new audiences, build trust and authority in your personal brand, and improve the search engine visibility of your website.

Our ideal customers are marketing, digital agency owners and entrepreneurs.

Our Booking Service Has the Most SEO Power

Most podcast booking services are glorified virtual assistant services.  No other podcast outreach or podcast booking service provider has our experience or approach.  We are owned and operated by marketing and SEO experts.  If you play the long game, you will get the best ROI from our guest booking service.  Period.

Highlights of our podcast booking services include:

  • Prepare a compelling pitch
  • Prepare you for interviews
  • Train you how to optimize your interviews for Google
  • Get you booked on relevant podcasts
  • Show you how to amplify your interviews for social media

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Are we the right fit?

Our ideal clients are book authors, business owners, marketers, digital agency owners and entrepreneurs with a record of success and a story to tell.

1. Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

We specialize in helping established businesses and venture capital funded startups get booked on business related podcasts.

2. Marketers & Agency Owners

This service was created by a marketing guru and an SEO expert. We are agency owners and marketers just like you, and we've created a unique booking service that is perfect for you.

3. Business Book Authors

To be a ``bookable`` guest, you need an angle - a book is a perfect lead in for pitch. If you've recently authored a business related book or eBook, Podcast Bookers is perfect for you!

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Meet the Team

John Jantsch


I have been involved in podcasting from the beginning, and on both sides of the mic. In fact, I believe podcasting has been instrumental in building the Duct Tape Marketing brand to what it is today. Getting interviewed on podcasts is a huge opportunity for you, and perhaps the best way to bootstrap your way to your own influence and authority. The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast gets pitches every day, directly from individuals and podcast booking agencies, as well as from virtual assistants working on behalf of third parties. Most of them are doing it wrong. We created Podcast Bookers to help you do it right.

phil singleton

Phil Singleton


My name is Phil Singleton and I own and operate a web design and digital marketing agency. Just like you, I am trying to build my own personal brand, authority and influence. And just like you may be doing now, I researched and contacted several podcast booking service providers, but became frustrated because I could not find one that met my needs or my budget – they were either way too expensive and had no idea how to deliver these powerful services with all the SEO benefits if done the right way. Further, as SEO consultant with more than 20 years of experience, I know-first hand that podcasts are THE killer SEO tactic if you do them the right way: targeted, consistently and over a long period of time (I have been on over 100 podcasts!). I teamed up with John to deliver a podcast booking service unlike any other on the market today.

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