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How to Promote Your Podcast Interview

podcast promotion

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Promoting your podcast interview successfully is an art. Good promotion requires you to take that single piece of content and transform it into small, easy-to-manage “value bombs.” It may even be beneficial to transform your podcast into several different media types – including written, visual, audio, etc. to get the most from your promotional efforts.

Add it to Your Next Webinar

Do you host webinars? If so, why not make a highlight of your next one a chance to hear your recent podcast interview? After all, this is your most targeted audience and composed of people blocking time out of their busy schedules to listen to you. You can even use the information discussed in your podcast as inspiration for your next webinar.

Email Newsletter

When someone signs up to receive your email newsletter, what type of things are you going to be sending? These individuals want quality content, which makes them the ideal audience to send your podcast interview. You can even include photos, teaser videos, quotes and Click To Tweets from the actual interview in your emails. This makes it even more tempting for our subscribers.

On Your Blog

When you are interviewed on a podcast, make sure to highlight the event with a blog post. You can include episode show notes, as well as the embedded video or audio from the interview. You can even repurpose your podcast interview into a long-form blog and then embed the audio of it at the end of the post.

Social Channels

While this is obvious, it is still worth mentioning. Social media gives you the ability to promote your podcasts with variety. You can post live streams, videos, links, graphics, quotes, and photos. Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and Snapchat are all great for real-time engagement. Also, Facebook, Instagram Images, and LinkedIn offer the perfect platforms for promoting evergreen content.

Retargeting and Paid Advertising

It is worth mentioning that using paid advertising on social media can also be effective. With Facebook especially, you can create ads that are hyper-targeted for the ideal persona that will find value in your interview. One of the best things about paid advertising is the retargeting benefits. For example, if someone were to click on a sponsored post on Facebook that is promoting your podcast interview, you can retarget them with additional ads to help move them further through the sales funnel.

Email Signatures

While email signature marketing is a small technique, it can provide pretty big benefits. Just think about how many emails you send during the day. In 2015, the average person sent 34 business emails daily. Now think about if you have advertised your podcast interview in each one of these. That gives you the opportunity to reach even more potential customers.

As you can see, there are more than a few ways that you can promote your podcast interview. Utilizing several or even all of these suggestions will help you get the response you want.


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