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Top 10 Best Podcast Production Companies & Services

podcast production companies

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Searching for podcast production companies?

Every day, thousands of business search online for “podcast production agencies”.

It seems like you can’t turn around without someone starting a new podcast.  And they are doing it because podcast works.

That means that you need to step up your game before your competitors leverage this medium against you!

But where do you start?

Learning how to produce a show takes time and effort.

Sure, you can try to produce a podcast DIY, but do you really have the time?

Wouldn’t it be better to hire an established podcast production company to fast track your way to success?

But just like any B2B service, how do you know which podcast product service is any good?

Just like podcast booking agencies are a dime a dozen, podcast production companies are even more so.

There are tons of podcast marketing agencies, companies and freelancers that claim to know how to bring a podcast to market?

But what podcast production services can you really trust?

At Podcast Bookers, we’ve been at this game for years!

We deal with thousands of podcasters – we know which ones are well-produced.

Our podcast booking experts know which production companies are THE BEST industry.

And now here we are, giving you a short list of the best of the best podcast production services.

Our Reviews Are Totally Unbiased!

We don’t offer podcast production services.

Our only goal is to help you create the best possible podcast for your time and money,

A truly great podcast production company will include a soup to nuts service that includes full creation, production and distribution of your new service.

And don’t forget SEO! You must market your podcast from your own website to get the maximum search engine optimization value…this means creating fully transcribed episode pages, with embedded audio and resource links, published on a fully optimized page on your website.


Top 10 Best Podcast Production Companies & Services



fame podcast production company


Fame provides a fully “done for you” podcast production and promotion service that includes guest sourcing, project management, production and promotion.

You, the client, would just be responsible for hosting the interviews, reviewing assets and then meeting with the Fame team every other week to review metrics, strategy and guests.

Fame is the only agency that sets 10% month-on-month download goals for all client podcasts… and if this isn’t hit during the first 6 months, then the 7th month comes completely free.

2402 Canaletto Tower
London, EC1V 1AF, UK


Relationary Marketing

relationary marketing podcast production company

Relationary Marketing will help you build your credibility, recognize key customers, nurture high-value prospects or promote your big event. Their customized podcast production service lets you consistently and easily deliver engaging content to your content marketing plan.

With Relationary Marketing’s podcasting services, you will establish your brand credibility with a signature podcast series featuring your own subject matter experts as well as industry influencers. You will also be able to spotlight your own key clients or association members and their success stories to create powerful, authentic testimonials.

Connect with high-value prospects by providing a VIP podcast experience right in your booth. It’s an easy ask that can initiate a lasting relationship. Raise awareness and drive registrations for conferences by sharing the essential ideas and personalities of presenters, sponsors, and key attendees.

Relationary Marketing
41 Peabody St
Nashville TN 37210-2125
Phone (615) 942-0871


Freedom Podcasting

freedom podcasting podcast production company


To excel as a world-class show, consistent, excellent audio quality is a requirement. This podcast production service includes coaching you in getting great equipment and adhere to strict processes (noise reduction, equalization, leveling, file structure, etc.) to transform your source recordings into excellent end results for your audience to cherish.

When launching, it is important to be consistent and publish many episodes in a short period of time. This will ensure your podcast is in the top 300 podcasts in your category, and you have a chance to be featured in the iTunes store. Success is based on downloads and reviews on the iTunes platform. They help you cultivate a powerful launch.

Freedom Podcasting
16035 Scarlet Way
Reno, NV 89521, US
Phone: (347) 688-3697


Resonate Recording

resonate recording podcsat production service

Resonate Recording is a collective of audio, creative branding, and podcasting professionals who are committed to making podcasting easier for you. They are trained and educated to use innovative technology to help you create a quality podcast that represents your unique creative expression so it will resonate with your listeners.

They have experience in broadcast television, film, radio, music production, and have worked on over 2,500 podcasts. They also are an experienced team of producers, writers, audio engineers, podcast launch experts, and software developers not just podcast editors.

Their clients are some of the most successful podcasters in the business, ranging from fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, influencers, and hobbyists.

Resonate Recording
309 Townepark Circle, Suite 101
Louisville, Kentucky, 40243
Phone: (888) 917-8793


Cashflow Podcasting

cashflow podcasting production service

Cashflow Podcasting is a premium podcast launch service and podcast production company founded by Ben Krueger. We help leaders plan, launch, and grow a world-class podcast with done-for-you podcasting services.

They developed a proven system to take care of the strategy and all the time-consuming and technical stuff… so that all you have to do is show up and hit record. Plenty of service options to choose from.

Starting and managing podcasts for die-hard leaders is what they do, but helping people change thousands of lives and move their entire industry forward – that is who they are.

Cashflow Podcasting


Content Monsta

content monsta podcast production agency

How do you get the most life out of your content and obtain the highest possible ROI? When you settle for just obtaining content without guidance on how to use it, you greatly reduce the chance of fully utilizing the content.

Content Monsta can lend their Marketing experience to assist you in taking your Content to the next level and gain proof that your content is driving the response you desire.

Constant monitoring of methods to feed your audience and keep them connected to you daily. Their creatives produce, repurpose, and multiply, the media content from your Monsta producer.

Content Monsta
Phone: (404) 590-1972


Sweet Fish Media

sweet fish media b2b podcast production

Searching for Sweet Fish Media reviews?  They are purely a Podcast Agency for B2B Brands. You don’t have time to build the strategy, find your guests, edit audio, repurpose content, and do the 17 other things it takes to actually drive revenue with your podcast.

B2B Growth is their precious lil’ baby that pays their bills. In other words, it’s their own podcast that produces diaper-loads of revenue. They use B2B Growth as their primary marketing channel to test out new ideas to pass on to their customers.

Podcasting is the easiest and most effective way to build relationships with ideal customers, multiply content, and establish thought leadership.

Sweet Fish Media



motion podcast production agency

Today’s B2B buyer is going to check you out 15-25 times before reaching out to sales. A podcast is the most intimate way to keep in touch before they’re ready to chat.

A podcast starts with audio…but then it can be repurposed into 5, 10, or even 20 different pieces of content. Whatever format your buyers are looking for video, audio, written, social. They get it with your podcast.

Most written content doesn’t sound like you. Your latest white paper was from a ghostwriter. The last blog post was edited so many times…you don’t know who wrote it. With a podcast – you get original, authentic material every single time.



Lower Street

lower street podcast production

Creating an incredible show requires thought, flexibility, and collaboration with a podcast production company that cares about much more than just audio.

Think about it. What other marketing channel keeps your potential customer’s company on the drive home (remember when that was a thing)? Cooks (okay, burns) dinner with them? Starts and ends the day speaking directly into their ears?

With the right podcast, you get to show people that you’re human and that you and your business have interesting things to say. You get to teach and share. You get to connect with your listeners — and they get to connect with you.

Lower Street

Now You Are Ready to Hire the Best Podcast Production Companies

Take a good look through these podcast production services and make note of the ones you like best. While all will be more than competent, some may have certain services or features that you want more than others.

Keep in mind what they offer and what you need. If you are just starting out or looking to expand, be sure to mention that when you contact them. Be sure to let them know exactly what you want and what you do.

Different talents are needed for different podcasts. A show about finances would not have the same requirements as one talking about sports or entertainment. You want to pick a production company that understands your business.

Be sure to have your questions ready, like how much they charge, and what that all entails. Are there different packages available and ask about the other shows they produce, to give you a better idea of what they do.

Growing and marketing your podcast is not easy and in a market that is saturated with them, you need all the help you can get. Even if you think you have a unique idea, there are 100 more podcasts just like it. Do your homework.

If you liked this post on podcast production companies, your going to love our podcast booking agency – once you get your podcast up and running, contact us to help you book guests for your podcast!


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