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Phil Singleton

Co-founder(Founder & Lead Marketing Strategist)

By showing you and your team’s headshot and bio, you can establish immediate trust and continue warming up an online lead as we use this layout to draw serious prospective clients down through the site.  At this point, they are really starting to dig in and you have made is past the 20-30 second barrier that is usually required to convert a vistit into a call to action or inquiry.  Show them your stuff here.  Explain how you are an authority in your niche and are the logical answer to the digital marketing needs.

My name is Phil Singleton and I own and operate a web design and digital marketing agency. Just like you, I am trying to build my own personal brand, authority and influence. And just like you may be doing now, I researched and contacted several podcast booking service providers, but became frustrated because I could not find one that met my needs or my budget – they were either way too expensive, or way too basic. Further, as an SEO consultant, I know-first hand that podcasts can be a killer SEO tactic if you do them right. I teamed up with John to deliver a podcast booking service unlike any other on the market today.