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Understanding the SEO Benefits of Podcasting

seo benefits of podcasting

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Podcasts are the modern radio – but better. A podcast offers listeners on-demand shows, free information, and present huge marketing opportunities that are beneficial to advertisers, consumers, and producers.

However, marketers don’t just benefit from advertising on a podcast, but also from making podcasts. SEO and podcasts can work hand in hand and result in significant gains for any business.

Podcasting and SEO

Just like any other type of content, podcasting offers a way for you to share your expertise with possible customers. It provides you with the opportunity to create new pages that talk about your podcast. It also presents new content you can use to reach out to a variety of websites and new email marketing points to help draw visitors to your site.

Even if you only have a few people listening to your show and they don’t become customers, you are still able to create positive relationships that help to establish brand awareness.

This is especially true since podcasts give you the ability to partner with hosting and distribution networks where users are able to find your content without any prior knowledge for your brand, even on mobile devices. Unfortunately, this is a benefit that isn’t quantifiable.

Podcasting is an Affordable way to Boost SEO

Creating a podcast is one of the most affordable marketing methods out there. At just a customer conversion rate of one percent, your podcast would cover all your production costs and then some. This means that you aren’t pouring thousands of dollars into this and the effectiveness (even when low) is worth the effort.

Podcast Show Notes = Organic Backlinks To Your Website

When you get booked as a guest on a Podcast, the host will almost always create a “show notes” page page for your show, which include summary info, sometimes a full or partial transcript, AND almost always links back to your website, special offer(s) and select social media.  The are pretty much some of the best, most authentic and natural organic backlinks that you may ever get.

Podcasts Have No Expiration Date

Once you have published and optimized a podcast on your web page, there is no point that they are going to expire. This means podcast show notes pages have SEO juice they have in the beginning is going to continue going and going and going. While you still need to post new podcasts regularly, it will only enhance the success you have had thus far.

Podcasts – Your Audio Blogs

Essentially, a podcast is just an audio blog. As a result, you can optimize it just like you would a blog. When creating meta descriptions and meta titles, make sure to use targeted keywords. Optimize images and use text that makes people want to click and listen. They can be used in addition to traditional blogs or stand alone, and there are many professional content writing services that can help you write up show notes or a companion blog post for a podcast interview.  With so many people constantly on the go, podcasts are becoming a go-to source of news, information, and entertainment.

Taking the time to create a podcast can help increase your organic search rankings. It can also provide additional SEO juice to your existing marketing campaigns. All this is going to lead to better visibility and more sales for your brand.


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