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How to Write a Seductive Podcast Outreach Email Pitch

preparing a podcast pitch

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So, you want to be featured on that widely popular podcast show?

That’s great.

If you pull it off, you’ll reap the myriad benefits of being featured as an expert on industry related podcast.

What next?

It’s time to write a cold pitch email that draws your host’s attention and lands that dream booking. But how exactly do you do it?

Glad you asked.

In this post we’ll show you 5 simple steps to writing a winning pitch email.

Before we get into the details…

Miss this and the best pitch template in the world won’t help you

For your pitch to work, it needs a strong foundation.

Without this solid base it’ll fall flat.

The foundation to a winning podcast pitch is a pitch-worthy story.

You need to do amazing work that makes your host desire to share your story with the world. Every podcast host loves a unique story that’s never been shared before.

Sometimes by just being freaking amazing, you can attract the attention of podcasters in your niche. Andrew Warner of Mixergy hunted down Sam Ovens to bring him to his show because he heard people raving about his program. To date Sam, who teaches people how to start and grow a highly profitable consulting business has produced 25 millionaires and 451 6-figure earners.

These are head turning results.

But doing great work is not enough. You have to get your name out there by writing a special email wooing the host to feature you. Pick a good show where your audience hangs out and get started.

First up is the subject line.

Step #1: An enchanting subject line that grabs attention

Your subject line makes or breaks your pitch.

If your subject doesn’t compel your host to open the email, that’s the end. You might as well go home. The show is over before it has even begun. An effective subject line is:

  1. Clear- be so clear there’s no chance of being misunderstood.
  2. Specific- be exact: specificity attracts attention.
  3. Catchy- use emotional words that appeal to the senses.

Step #2: A personal greeting that builds a connection

Greet the show owner by name.

Sounds like a no brainer, right?


So many people miss this step and simply open with ‘Hi’ or ‘Dear host’ or some other generic salutation.

Be serious. Do your homework and greet your host personally.

Step #3: A killer opening that introduces you powerfully

Your opening lines should say who you are and why you’re writing.

No waffling. No rumbling. No wordiness.

Go straight to the point.

Step #4: A compact body that highlights your story

In the body copy, focus on the novelty of your story. Your originality is what gets you the gig. Show the host why your story is different. Is it unusual because:

  • It’s a faster method than the rest?
  • It’s a successful new approach?
  • It involves an unlikely person?

Keep searching until you find a unique angle. You should also add a dash of social proof to showcase your authority. There are so many ways of demonstrating your authority. Here are some of them:

  • Share some popular podcasts you’ve been featured on.
  • Brag about top industry blogs you’ve been featured on.
  • Mention any notable press mentions if you have any.
  • Reference an industry-related book if you’ve written any.
  • State any industry awards you’ve won over the years.

Social proof shows why you’re qualified to speak about the subject. Displaying your professional accomplishments shows you’re the real deal not an empty talker.

Step #5: A convincing close to ram the point home

Close with a stirring conclusion that compels the host to respond positively to your request.

A question makes a good call to action.

Something along the lines:

Which one of these topics would strike a chord with your audience?

A simple but solid template to get you started fast

Let’s wrap things up by giving you a simple template so you create a masterful pitch in no time.

Suppose you are an entrepreneur and want to get featured on Rob’s entrepreneurship podcast. Here’s how you could pitch him.

Podcast Guest Pitch: How a College Dropout started a 7-figure Company in One Year


Hi Rob,

Hope you are well.

I’m Andy Awesome, founder of Delectable Delights, a chocolate company. I’d like to be a guest on your show, Entrepreneurship Ignited to share the fascinating story of how I started and grew a 7-figure chocolate company under a year from my kitchen.

Here are the highlights:

  • Stumbled on a sumptuous chocolate in my kitchen.
  • Friends and family suggested I commercialize it.
  • The secret method I used to overcome the nagging fear of launching from scratch.
  • First batch sold out in 24 hours, made $13k.
  • Developed systems and scaled up rapidly grew to over $100k within 8 months.

I’m sure your listeners would benefit immensely from my experiences especially the part about overcoming fear and how to grow a fledging business. Other topics I can cover include:

  • Topic 1 plus bullet summary.
  • Topic 2 plus bullet summary.
  • Topic 3 plus bullet summary.

I’d be honored to partner with you and explore ways of customizing these topics some more so they suit your listeners perfectly.

Last month, I was a guest on the ever-popular Chocolate Gurus podcast. Also, I won the ‘Entrepreneur Of The Year Award’ in my state a week ago.

According to the Entrepreneur Magazine 9 in 10 people would love to start a business but are held back by fear. Of the 9 that do begin, only 2 are still in business two years later. My story will be invaluable for such people.

Which idea would resonate with your audience?

Looking forward to serving you and your dear listeners.

Warm Regards,

Andy Awesome

Founder of Delectable Delights

Note: I have a highly engaged 7k Twitter following to help spread the word about the episode.


It’s time to court your host and land that highly sought after booking

There you have it. Five simple steps to writing a pitch email that gets you a booking.

  1. An enchanting subject line that grabs attention.
  2. A personal greeting that builds a connection.
  3. A powerful opening that introduces you powerfully.
  4. A compact body that highlights your story.
  5. A convincing close to ram the point home.

Plus, a template to go with it all.

It’s time to write that pitch you’ve been putting off for weeks. Go land that booking and build your business through this powerful content marketing tool.

Overwhelmed by all this or don’t have the time to do it? No problem. Let Podcast Bookers handle everything for you.

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