Are you ready to start getting booked?

Pound for pound, getting booked as a guest expert on podcast shows may be the single most powerful form of content marketing.  In order to start working as your virtual publicist, we need to get some detailed information to evaluate if you will be a good match for our services.  Keep in mind, our current focus is accomplished business owners, agency owners, marketers, authors and entrepreneurs.

  • This bio will be used in your podcast-one sheet and will most likely be used by podcast hosts for your show intro.
  • What are your top 3-5 areas of expertise? These will be listed on your podcast one-sheet.
  • Provide prospective hosts with 4-6 interesting questions to ask you on the show.
  • Once we start booking your podcast interviews, tell what days of the week and time(s) of day you would like us to aim for: