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Living Your Powerful Truth

Rick Clemmons

Table of Contents

John Jantsch Interviews Rick Clemons

Rick Clemons

My guest for this week’s episode of Excellence in Podcasting is Rick Clemons, author of Frankly My Dear, I’m Gay, and host of The Coming Out Lounge.

The Coming Out Lounge is the hip, safe space where you can Step Out, Step Up, and Step Into living your powerful truth! The show celebrates the diversity of who we are as human beings – gay, straight, and everything in between. Each week Clemons takes a deep look at the boldness it takes to stand out and be uniquely who you are as a person. This 30-minute podcast delivers bite-sized chunks of humor, wisdom, and thought-provoking insights to help you step out and be yourself in a world determined to box you in.

What You’ll Learn

  • How the Coming Out Lounge came about
  • Whether or not podcasting needs to be a labor of love
  • How the podcast has impacted his business
  • Where the show started and where it is today
  • How the show is formatted
  • How Clemons chooses guests and topics

Recommended Podcasting Tools

  • Blue mic and screen guard
  • Mac
  • Zoom for recording
  • Audacity for editing

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Music provided by Scott Holmes.


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