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Get Better at Business with Real Business Lessons

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John Jantsch Interviews Omar Zenhom

Omar Zenhom

My guest for this week’s episode of Excellence in Podcasting is Omar Zenhom, author of the $100 MBA Show and host of the podcast with the same name.

The $100 MBA Show helps you get better at business with real business lessons from real entrepreneurs in the real world. The show has a unique format, delivering straight to the point, actionable lessons. Episodes are packed with only the business building training you want. Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Forbes and INC. named The $100 MBA Show as one of the best business podcasts. But don’t take their word for it, give it a listen and see for yourself.

What You’ll Learn

  • What The $100 MBA Show is all about
  • How the show is formatted
  • How the show has evolved over the years
  • What the benefits of having a podcast are for your business

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