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Tips, Failures, and Advice from Today’s Millionaires

jaime masters

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John Jantsch Interviews Jaime Masters

Jaime Masters

Our excellent podcaster guest for this week’s episode of Excellence in Podcasting is Jaime Masters, long-time owner, founder, and publisher of the Eventual Millionaire.

Masters is a business coach, author, and professional speaker who has hosted one-on-one interviews with over 350 millionaires and billionaires to learn their failures, advice, tips, and stories. Her work with millionaires has garnered the attention of media giants, such as…Yahoo Finance (6x homepage feature), and, SUCCESS Magazine, EntrepreneurWomen’s Health Magazine, TIME, CNNBusiness Insider and more.

What You’ll Learn

  • How Masters came up with the name of the show
  • How the podcast has changed her business
  • What types of people are guests on the show
  • What makes the show different from others
  • How the show has evolved over time
  • How the show is formatted
  • What makes a good guest
  • What the criteria is for having people on the show

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